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A Journey Through the Gospels Book Cover

Dr. William Perry is a prolific writer of outstanding books. His titles for Newburgh Press thus far are Christians Helping Christians, Christian Counseling for the 21st Century and Theology for the 21st Century. Each book is a must for every reader of solid Christian material.

I am happy to endorse Dr. Perry’s latest treasure, “A Journey Through The Gospels.” Every student and preacher/teacher of the Bible needs this book for the desk or the bedside table. You will enjoy reading insights and valuable lessons that many casual readers of the Bible will miss.

While this book is not lengthy you will find a delightful study of each gospel that will make you appreciate the wonderful gospel stories and love Jesus even more.

To God be the glory!

Dr. Glenn Mollette, President

Newburgh Theological Seminary

Newburgh, Indiana


Click here for Christians Helping Christians.      Click here for the Desk Reference Handbook.


BookCover_ChristiansHelpingChrisitians                         BookCover_DeskReferenceHandbook


Click here for Theology for the 21st Century   Click here for Christian Counseling Handbook


Theology for the 21st Century        Book-Christian Counseling Handbook





                   Kimberly Craig, Soloist


Felicia Craig and Barbara Creppel singing "As the Deer"





For special music contact Kathy Perry, Music Director. 520-723-2952 or

E-Mail PastorBill@westriv.com